How to make ‘how to’ and DIY videos and educate your audience

Don’t sell. Earn the awareness, Respect and Trust of your audience

With so much information available online, we seek to; ‘do things ourselves’, rather than relying on others.

See below how often people search for problem solving topics in Google:

One million people search for ‘do it yourself’ projects (DIY) and more than half a million people search for ‘how to’ content on the web.

This is a huge opportunity!

Neil Patel explained in his ‘Advanced Customer Acquisition Webinar’ that he grew all of his companies by providing his audience valuable information in exchange for their email address, which he could market later.

Here is what Rand Fishkin has to say about selling products or services:

How do you earn the Awareness, Respect and Trust of those who might buy? By providing valuable information.

It’s up to marketeers to understand their audience's biggest challenge and to truly help them.

How to create Great Content that will Earn you the Awareness, Respect and Trust of your audience

First of all you need to understand your audience's biggest challenge. Many companies already know this, but let’s say that you don’t or you want to get it confirmed. Here’s what you could do:

Ask your audience how you could help

The most obvious way to find out what they need is to ask through your mailing or on your website.

Find what people are talking about

Head to where your audience are already seeking for help, like Quora, Reddit, and of course Google and see what they’re discussing.

At Viedit, we try to help businesses thrive with their video marketing. We bring them in contact with the best video editors for an affordable price and we give video marketing advice through our blog.

So if I would want to know what people, who are interested in video marketing, are talking about, this is the results I would get if I search on Quora:

So, we can see that people don’t really have in depth questions about video marketing. They’re really just exploring the possibilities and want to know where they can find the best blogs and best practices and how strong video marketing is and how effective it is.

We find the same kind of questions when we search on Reddit

And this is what we get when looking at Google’s ‘related searches’ at the bottom of the page

By doing your research before you create any type of content. You increase the chance that you help your audience solve a problem worth solving.

How to make content that will make your audience fall in love with you

You should always aim to create the best content that’s available on the web. After consuming great content, people will recognise you as an authority, they will trust you more and they will be more willing to buy from you.

Deliver bad quality content and people will not like you very much for wasting their time and you will lose time and effort creating and promoting content noone likes.

There are basically three types of content you could produce

Written text

Written text in the form of a blog article, ebook etc. If you’re interested in making the best written content, check out Brian Dean’s easy to follow tips and strategies on He’s an amazing tutor!


You could produce beautiful visuals like slide decks and infographics. you can read my guide on ‘everything you should know about visual marketing’ if you’re interested in making ‘how to’ and DIY infographics

Video and webinars

Let’s say you want to learn how to draw. Would you rather read about it, or watch a video tutorial?

Video is the strongest tool to educate your audience. Here’re Brian Dean explaining it, way better than I could, in this great short tutorial.

I would love to make compelling videos, but making a video is way too expensive

Well, not exactly. You are absolutely right that making a video used to be very expensive, but we’ve taken care of that.

At Viedit, we’ve built a network of more than 2,500 video editors and animators. If you have €50, you can get your video produced.

Your audience will thank you that you’ve made your content so easy to access and you will build strong relationships.

Also, a blog article or infographic is easy to copy, your competitors will not easily copy your video. This will give you a huge competitive advantage.

Become the go-to place for information in your niche, earn your audience's respect and trust, solve their problems through an easy to digest video.

Start a project on our network. Posting a project is easy and free. You will only get charged when you accept an offer. If you’re not satisfied, you will get your money back, guaranteed!